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Cricket Betting Tips You Can Use

You’re probably thinking that there are many other sites about online cricket betting tips, so WHY CHOOSE US?


Because when it comes to reliability, that is where we excel. We help you to keep you updated with all the matches and help you with the predictions. With our betting pointers, you get the opportunity to make the most out of your bets and make better judgement calls with the help of our analysts of the game. It’s not just because our analysts are smart, the game of cricket runs through their veins.

So, for them to give you a proper analysis is more than just a job for them, it’s their passion. So, in no time they will help to turn the wagers in your favour.



Our website is so user friendly that it will be easy for you to navigate all the sections and you can keep yourself updated in the cricket world. From IPL, Big Bash league to the international games, from A to Z, you’ll find every piece of information to stay up to date. For example, if you want to see an ipl match prediction, you will have it!

Cricket Betting Websites


Cricket is regarded as one of the most popular outdoor games in the world. Played majorly in countries like India, England, Zimbabwe, South Africa, all the way to the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand. When it comes to all cricket games, especially in big games such India vs Pakistan with such fierce rivalry, or England vs Australia in ashes, with such entertainment, you want to put some wagers on it. Even when you’re looking at something in particular. 


It’s no question that there are abundant websites for betting, but there is always a possibility of getting ripped off! That is where we come to help you! With us, not ONLY do we provide ipl betting tips, big bash betting tips and more we provide you the name of the websites that are verified, safe to use and provide you with the highest probability of winning. So when you go and search “online cricket betting tips”, you’ll find out about more than just tips.

Best Cricket Betting Websites/Channels for You

YoYo Club – CBTF.BIZ. Whether you are new or old to the betting world.

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Free cricket betting tips that we can give you

Betting is basically gambling, so there is always a chance of losing. So even if you search on google “free cricket betting tips prediction” and gain all the knowledge you can’t AVOID LOSING. However, with our help you can, LOWER YOUR CHANCES OF LOSING!


Before every major game, a few days earlier we publish every single detail about the match, the predicted playing conditions, possibility of preponing or postponing, even the comparison of playing form between the players. So, we put all these reports which are going to help you with your decision making. We also provide suggestions to you when it comes to which team to choose for betting.

That way, you can look at all the possibilities for a match, for instance when you want some good ipl betting tips, this website is for you.


To make the best possible bet, reports are not enough! You must be knowledgeable and look at the cricket world before making a firm decision. That is why, on our website we share all the latest updated news, rumors, and predictions, with that you also be able to trust with your gut as well.


Now, below you will find the ways of how we implement and formulate online cricket betting tips.

The projection of matches

As soon as the dates are finalized for the cricket games, our team who specialize in this field immediately start analyzing both the teams, their coordination, tactics, the style of playing, history of injuries and do not miss out even a single detail. All these factors are taken into consideration before determining the possible outcome of the match.

So, we put our time and effort to come up with the most accurate probabilities of the game, after which we look at the websites for betting and see which of them provide the best outcomes of the match. So, you see we keep our standards high when we provide cricket betting tips.

Researching before the game

You’re looking up free ipl tips on the internet and still reluctant which IPL team to bet on because there is just too much information on the internet. Well, with us we can start conducting the research and provide reports to make your decision easier. We conduct our research several days or even a few weeks before the game is scheduled. Our job is to know everything about the 2 teams who will face other. Their strengths and weakness, and how teams can exploit each other using their strategies. 


There is no question that anything can be unpredictable, someone in the team might get injured, weather conditions might be different. That is why, we ONLY publish our reports a few days prior to the commencement of the game.


Our team of experts look at the sources, which are reliable and trustworthy. They take sources’ reports into account and dig deeper into the same. Checking the social media pages for any additional information, looking at the point of view of other analysts is what our experts do.

Team list and injury updates

To anticipate which players are going to play from both the sides is unpredictable. So, it is crucial for us to research and see which of the players are likely to play in the upcoming match. Even though a team is better in terms of quality and coordination, what would happen if a crucial wicketkeeper or a fast baller was to get injured? That would change the trajectory of the game. So, we keep ourselves updated and look at the record of the players with injured, someone could even be injury-prone which could be problematic for either of the teams.


A player could be in a top form but would fail to perform in the crucial moments. A team might have had a good previous season, but they are performing horrendously in their current season. 


Think about Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) a team in IPL, they have so many star players, but they are yet to win an IPL.

So, we don’t overlook even a small detail because it is our job to provide you the waging possibilities with the greatest outcomes. So, this is one of the important elements for providing online cricket betting tips.

Trends and the rankings

Numbers clearly say that if a team is highly ranked as compared to the other teams, the odds for winning will be more in their favour. However, that does NOT mean that we rule out the other teams. We look at their overall history, their past victories and defeats, win-loss ratio, how were they manage to collect the points, we look at every single detail.


A team with great potential might not be on the top of the table, but their recent run of games has been tremendous. Also, the recent form of games is a better way to analyze the odds of winning as compared to the record of the entire season.


Remember, any team can turn things around, and that’s the beauty of it. It brings excitement, intensity to the game. So, when you’re looking at IPL bet prediction, you know you can rely on us.

Weather Forecast

For the outdoor sports, this point must NOT be overlooked. Cricket games are affected due to the weather. While this could be something that you might ignore before placing a bet, but we certainly don’t!


Now let’s say that the sky is clear and there is no wind, this would be beneficial for the batting team, as the batsman can increase the score tally with ease. The reason is that since the weather is clear, pitch is going to be dry, which could affect the bounce of the ball and help the batsman. Also, this could be problematic for the fielders since it would be difficult for them see and to catch the ball in the air if there is sunlight into their eyes.


However, with the humid weather along with a heavy overcast, the ball will tend to swing more which will help the bowlers to take more wickets.


In the case of rain, the cricket games are put to a halt, even during the game. 


Now you can see how in detail we look at everything. If we have FREE cricket betting tips, that does not mean that our tips are low quality.

But you might be wondering, if Football can be played in rain, why not Cricket?


If you look at the material of what a football and leather ball is made of, it’s different. Leather ball is hard and easy to get injured with. During the rain, the batsman might not be able to see the ball clearly and a bowler could slip on the pitch during the run up which will end up breaking the hip.


Now, in the earlier days, it was difficult to predict weather instead of predicting the match outcome. Fortunately, with time the technology has evolved and has made the job easier for us. With that, the analysis of the unpredictability of the game becomes much easier in betting.

History of a pitch

When making predictions, we look at the location of where the match is going to be played. There are different type of pitches, which affects the match.


Consider this, pitches which are hard can turn dusty after several days of using it, in which spinners have an advantage because of the cracks. In India, this type of pitch is common. Now pitches which have a lot of grass, found in cooler climates are beneficial for a swing or fast baller. If there is no grass neither any cracks on the pitch, it will be referred to as flat pitches.


Now you might be familiar with term “home advantage”. But in cricket, this advantage is highly regarded. The hosts of the match will tailor the pitch in favour of their players, and possibly even create a disadvantage for the visitors. 


Our highly skilled team takes this into consideration before making the predictions. So now you know why our cricket betting tips are NO WAY MISLEADING.

Comparison of the odds

Now after making the reports, completing analysis, and deciding which bets are more favourable, it’s time to look at WHERE to make the bets? We start scanning and observing all the betting websites which can give the most profitable chances of winning. 


We start making comparisons from one sportsbook to another one and see what the market has to offer.


For example, bookmaker X could have the odds of 4.15, while bookmaker Y might have the odds of 4.25. If you place 1000 rupees on bookmaker X, you could have a profit of 4,150 rupees, for the bookmaker it could be an amount of 4,250 rupees.


There is not a lot of difference but choosing the bookmaker with most winning probabilities is what matters in the longer period.

How the odds are implemented by the sportsbooks?

Now we all love IPL, don’t we? So, we want to put some bets in such an intense competition, and find more free ipl tips.


But have you ever thought how the sportbooks do it?


Every sportsbook has its own people, what you call “odds compliers”. In a way, they have the same job as we do, they analyze the previous cricket matches, rankings, reports, injuries, team chemistry, pitch and many more factors.


They only difference is that they are employed by the sportsbooks, on the other hand we give betting tips to the wagers. If an odd complier makes a blunder, we find that blunder and analyse it so that we can make sure you can take the advantage out of it.

Do sportsbooks have similar odds for the same game?

The answer is NO, because every sportbook come up with their own outcomes and analysis. That is also why we do the odds comparisons, now this may seem illogical for someone who is new to the betting world, but this is how it is.


First, different odd compliers have different ways of researching and observing and drafting the odds. Naturally, all the odd compliers will not be on the same page of outcome.


Second, every sportbook has its own way of bringing in more punters. Some try offer low budget bets for people who want to save money, while other sportbooks could use privileges and offers to lure in more betting people. 


Lastly, the odds that the sportbooks could change over with time, reason being the imbalance of a particular bet. For example, if many people at once put a bet on a particular team, the bookie will be bound to make changes to make the bets of the other team more attractive.


But do NOT be in a dilemma over two different odds, because there is not a lot of difference, there will not be a bookie with the odds of 3.00 and bookie of 7.00. In most of the situations, the difference is merely 0.1 or 0.3. Even so, if a particular odd looks more favourable, we will surely bring that to your attention on our betting pointers.

To provide the best possible odds

Now, imagine you want to check the today match tips or big bash betting tips and find the best outcomes. However even if you do manage to find the probabilities, you would be thinking are the odds even worth it? 


That is why, strive to provide you the highest possible outcomes and odds of the game. Even if you DO win without our help, there would always be a chance of winning more from a different betting website. 


We keep focusing on our research to find the most preferrable online betting website for you. There is always a chance of figures changing in a game, we will keep you updated on the same and provide you the names of the website with the best odds.


So, we strongly recommend you go for our cricket betting tips.

Why Bet on Cricket Over Other Sports?

India and Cricket are closely related to each other. Indians know sports with the name “Cricket” only and always relate them. Despite not being The National Sport of India, cricket is very popular and Indians believe it as their religion. People are emotionally connected to cricket from the bottom of their hearts.

Cricket has provided moments of joy, sorrow, and pride to Indians. Cricket is not just about playing at the national or international level but also a cause of making currency just by sitting at home.

Entire nation across the world has been involved in online gaming or betting and the rising economy of their country. People can produce money by investing funds and maximizing gains, which adds up to their income. Thus, believed that online betting has increased and added more fame. So many websites are available in the market to provide online cricket betting tips. 

IPL Betting Tips

The Indian Premier League is the highest-ranking T20 cricket league in India and the most esteemed cricket competition in the world. The top eight teams participate and compete in over 60 matches in one season which naturally starts from late March to early May. In the market, there are many sports betting sites during the IPL season which guide you to gamble on anything. Knowing where and when to place gambles and chances to take advantage – are the two key things for making some profit.

Read our complete IPL match predictions to learn everything about the two teams competing on the day before walking onto the pitch. Getting extra information about an IPL match before it takes place, will help to predict the outcome, resulting in a brilliant chance for making revenue. Websites include all information about the bet, including match particulars, preview, pitch report, possible XIs, key players, and probable winners. By reading reports, one can gain confidence and predict the outcome of an entire season.

We have years of practice in analyzing games and gathered a variety of tips to share which help to analyze cricket match prediction.

Read free cricket betting tips below:


IPL News

Following up on the news about the league is an important requirement for getting an IPL gamble right. So, News helps to study “who will win today ipl match”.

Match and Pitch details

Under match details, one should know about the two teams competing, the exact time, and the stadium. In Beginning, many IPL gamblers often neglected the status of the pitch, but the pitch in cricket can be a vast aspect in defining each team’s chances of winning the match. Depending on the surface, the pitch can benefit one team or the other. For example, hard pitches favor spinners, while flat pitches benefit batsmen. The home-based team will plan their pitch to advantage their style of play. While some decent teams learned to adjust on any pitch. Pitches can also recommend whether the match will have a low or a high score, helping to make the right bet on the over/under market.

Weather condition

Weather is an important factor in the IPL and cricket overall. The humidity of grass and air can affect how the ball travels and bounces, eventually disturbing a match’s outcome. Like with pitches, any one team benefits from certain weather conditions, while others tend to be deprived. Weathercasting is now more precise than ever, which helps to collect data that advises what kind of weather is predictable on the day of the match.

All IPL Odds

Apart from helping to decide what to bet on during each IPL match, the website will also give suggestions about a few sportsbooks. Each sports betting site has its odds for IPL matches, and while the differences in odds between sportsbooks can be minor, one should always look for the best possible price, getting the ability to earn a higher profit for the same stake. Search numerous trustworthy sportsbooks throughout every round of the IPL season. Website cricket predictions pages will contain links leading directly to the sportsbook with the best odds, after which it will only take a few clicks to complete the bet.

IPL Scoreboard

On the website one can get detailed match reports from the IPL, after every match, combined with the full scoreboard covering the number of runs, overs, and lost wickets for either team. The scoreboard also includes detailed statistics for every player, the fall of wickets, and match notes.

IPL Match Predictions

Thousands of cricket gamblers visit websites daily, to see accurate IPL predictions. Our experts consider every dimension when investigating, even searching for sportsbooks that offer the best probabilities on sports markets. Each of the prediction reports consists of several sections, including match details, performance, pitch report, climate situations, probably XIs, key players, and probable winners. Additionally, each prediction page will include links that lead to sportsbooks with the best IPL odds.

IPL Match Preview

Preview is the lengthiest part of match prediction reports, but it’s also one of the most significant. In this section, one should familiarise with the two teams in detail and their positions in the league. Also, consider how the two teams performed in several matches in the past and the result of the last time they competed. In other words, a preview helps to predict the outcome of the match by looking at each team’s history.

Knowledge about Players

While many factors matter in predicting the result of an IPL match but the most important thing is the teams. The eleven players that play on the pitch will eventually decide the winner, so its wealth looks at all the eleven players. This involves a little bit of assumption, as teams might change their order just a day or even a few hours before the match. Even take injury reports and coaches’ decisions into interpretation. Websites show information about each key player on each team, listing some of their recent statistics and talking about their status.

IPL Timetable

The calendar is another important feature in predicting the winner of a match. Some teams get the benefit of playing in certain weather conditions and lead when playing at their home pitch. When being forced to play in adverse conditions, players’ performance can be affected. Each match prediction consists of all the match details about the scheduled date, time, and stadium. So be updated by the website by regular visiting.

Ultimate IPL Betting Tips

Talk to us or connect with us on WhatsApp to get more IPL betting tips.

BBL/Big Bash League Betting Tips

The Big Bash League (formally known as the KFC Big Bash League due to a sponsorship deal) is Australia’s top T20 professional cricket league that had its first version in 2011 when it was recognized by Cricket Australia.

The BBL is the successor of Twenty20 Big Bash, which ran from 2005 to 2011 when the organizers decided to change the league’s format and add two more teams.

At present, the KFC Big Bash League features eight teams, each of which plays 14 matches in the double round-robin arrangement. Afterward, the top five teams progress to the semi-final phase. The typical BBL season typically runs from mid-December to early February and structures a total of 61 matches.

Our cricket match prediction experts are big fans of the BBL, systematically following every season and being familiar with all the teams and their schedules. If you are eagerly waiting for the next BBL season to start and are hoping to make some cash by online betting, websites will help to release detailed BBL match predictions for every single match.

Expert and Free Cricket Betting Tips

Examine the condition

Cricket matches and their results mostly depend on the conditions for example weather conditions. Anyone betting on cricket should keep a close eye on the weather forecast. Rain has a huge impact on which direction the match will go. Fairly, these climate conditions also depend on the location and the site of the game.

Analysis of the players

The gambler should have basic knowledge about the players as to which player is going to outshine after the match and take the match to the next level. Also, it is important to know which bowler is going to throw huge wickets. An individual player or the whole team can take the team to another level in the cricket match and can also lead to victory on national and international platforms. If the match is being played in a home-based country, the probability of that team winning the competition is more than the guest country. Occasionally the team that initiates well can drop the match too. Be intelligent!

Get the Pitch Details

The type of soil and grass can also leave a turning effect on the match being played. The outcome of how the team is going to perform also depends on the grasp of the players. It is necessary to have a flat pitch for excellent batting.

Importance of starting

The team that begins the match has more chances to win as it sets the target for the other team. The start of the team depends on the team that wins the toss. People even bet on the team that wins the toss. Unless the player bowls violently, the batting team has more chances to win in the beginning and is ready to rock the ground. The team batting second finds it challenging to match up if the competing team sets a high score standard. However, the clouds also play an important role in the performance of the players. If the weather condition improves in the second innings, outcomes can turn out to be unexpected.

Hardly matters if one is an expert in online cricket games betting or just a beginner. What matters is one should owe the inside-out knowledge of cricket online betting. It is only the basic concept that a gambler can consider while online betting. Nowadays one can get many crickets betting tips online but this website is providing free cricket betting tips predictions from the last few years which will lead to good results. In the end, deposit real money on our website just as, going to a shop and buying a product and enjoying it.

Using Our Cricket Betting Tips

The best place to get online cricket betting tips can be found on our website. 

We aim to provide accurate & free cricket betting tips predictions on major cricket leagues: IPL, International (ICC World Cup, T20 Internationals, etc.), Asia Cup, and many more cricket betting events.

Despite the fact that winning cannot be guaranteed when betting on cricket – the unpredictable nature of sport, in fact, is the reason we love it so much – that makes the Yoyo club’s record so impressive.

Now, what should you do once you have found the right online cricket betting tips? You should find a sportsbook to place your bet on. You can search for a sportsbook on your own, but we suggest you sign up at one of our recommended cricket betting sites since they feature all the most popular cricket events and offer the best odds and bonuses.

How to begin Betting on a Cricket Betting Site

The choice of a betting site should not be taken lightly. There are hundreds of sportsbooks, and we wish we could say that all of them are good. However, as we carefully create our free cricket betting tips, we also do extensive research on cricket betting sites to determine which ones are the best. Here is a quick guide to helping you find and begin playing at cricket betting sites:


Read our article above to see what these bookies are all about.


Fill out the simple registration form by entering all the required details.


Be sure to claim your welcome bonus at the sportsbook and enter the promo code provided


Fill out your betting slip and put in the amount you wish to wager.


Once you have decided which website to visit, click on the icon that will bring you to that website's home page


Then go to the cashier Select your preferred payment option and input the amount you wish to bet (Be sure to pay attention to the deposit limits).


When your money has been processed and your bonus is ready to be used, find the cricket markets and select the match you want to bet.

Things to Consider before picking a cricket betting site

Cricket betting sites may seem the same on the surface, but there are a few nuances that you need to know, since choosing the right betting site is crucial. There are a lot of factors that go into picking the right site., from having the finest reputation to offering a diverse choice of odds, promotions, and bonuses.

Here are some factors you need to consider:

Betting Markets and Choices

Different bookmakers provide limited options on a lot such as a win, draw, or loss. Therefore, if you wish to bet beyond the three options, ensure the site offers a wide variety of betting choices. For instance, you can choose a bookmaker who offers bets on a toss to win, including in-play options.

Odds and Price

Odds and prices differ from one bookmaker to another. Therefore, you should opt for a betting portal that provides reasonable odds and prices in the market.

Customer Support

When looking for the greatest website, don’t forget about customer service. A trustworthy website should provide live chat assistance 24/7. This ensures that your questions will be handled quickly and without fuss.

Terms and Conditions

Read and understand the terms and conditions before signing up for any gambling website. The terms and conditions always include information such as the minimum amount necessary in your account. Make sure you choose a website with fair conditions.

Deposit and Withdrawal

How convenient it is to deposit or withdraw your winnings from a site should be a consideration before you register on any site. The website should offer various options like digital wallets, debit cards, net banking, bank transfers, etc.

Reliability and Reputation

When selecting a cricket betting portal, security should be a leading consideration. Do research online to ensure that the bookmaker has a good reputation by maintaining its clients’ confidentiality. Besides, they should be able to pay the winning amount without any issues. You can only bet confidently when your security online while betting is assured.

Bonuses and Promotions

The majority of online cricket betting sites provide appealing bonuses. Don’t hesitate to register if the one you’ve picked satisfies the aforementioned criteria and offers appealing bonuses and promotions.

A number of Cricket Events

There are some bookies that only offer bets on certain cricket events and ignore lesser-known national tournaments and leagues.  If you like betting on such lesser-known events, search for a website specializing in cricket betting, that offers odds on every known cricket game both domestic & International, and don’t forget to implement cricket betting tips.

Number of Markets

There are many markets a cricket game can reach, but not all websites cover all of them equally well. In case you only want to wager on the match-winner or over/under, almost every website offers those markets. However, if you prefer betting on player props and in-game options, you should research more thoroughly because not all bookies cover these options.

Cricket Betting Bonuses and Promotions

The advantage of bonuses is that they allow you to increase your bankroll and maximize the potential out of our free cricket betting tips prediction. Of course, some sportsbooks are more generous than others in this aspect, but if you are looking for bonuses, check out the best betting sites that have the most rewarding free bets and cash promotions.

Please make sure you carefully review the bonus terms and conditions before you use any sports betting bonus.

Payment Options

Sportsbooks can also differ in the types of payment methods they accept. Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, direct bank transfers, checks, e-wallets, vouchers, cryptocurrencies, and more. All betting sites accept different deposit and withdrawal methods; however, some may have different limits than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win with cricket betting tips, IPL Betting Tips, Big Bash Betting Tips?

To suggest you quickly, make sure to do your research, analyze the teams, check the weather, and choose your favorite betting strategy. Put your bets on less obvious matches, manage your bankroll, and most importantly do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Where can I find IPL betting tips?

The best free IPL betting tips can be found right here on our website. Discover top betting sites, latest IPL match predictions, match schedules, information and history, and betting odds.

Can I bet on the BBL?

Yes, most cricket betting sites offer to bet on the Big Bash League. The BBL is an Australian Twenty20 cricket league. The BBL matches typically take place between December and February. We provide research-based free big bash betting tips for the league and all of its games.

Can I bet on the IPL?

Naturally, a tournament such as this one will attract a lot of interest from cricket betting fans. Sports betting sites will be doing a lot of business throughout the tournament while shrewd punters like you will be looking for free IPL tips.

In the Indian Premier League 2022, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the game and make some profits. The IPL offers many betting choices online, but if you don’t know how to make wagers, we can help you with IPL odds and picks to make the most out of your IPL betting experience with our IPL bet predictions.

The teams that will compete in the IPL 2022 season are as follows: Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Sunrisers Hyderabad, Punjab Kings, and the newly added teams of Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants.

Where should you bet on cricket online?

Many cricket fans are interested in finding the best cricket betting sites odds when they are deciding which online bookmaker to join. There are lots of options available, so how can users choose the bookmaker that offers the best value for the price?

So here are some key factors to consider: 

  • In-Play / Live Cricket Betting – While many people prefer to wager before a game, live in-play cricket betting is becoming increasingly popular among top betting site clients. Cricket is great for live in-play betting because of the game’s inherent pauses and breaks, such as between each over bowled, which provide possibilities to profit.
  • Cash Out – Many bookies now provide cash out, which is a popular feature among cricket fans. This allows customers to lock in a guaranteed profit from their bet while the game is still in progress. It means that even if a user’s wager loses, they can still profit.
  • Bonuses for Cricket Betting – Cricket enthusiasts who want to make money betting should always be on the lookout for the best bonuses and promotions available. Free bets and other similar cricket betting bonuses are now frequently provided at betting sites, allowing customers to benefit without risking their own money.
  • Competitive cricket betting odds and payment methods – When deciding which of the top betting sites in to join, good value cricket betting odds are a requirement. Prices can vary a lot from one site to the next. The many payment alternatives that may be employed at betting sites to make a deposit or execute a withdrawal after winning a cricket bet are tied up with the prices on offer.
  • Mobile Cricket Betting App – An increasing number of people prefer to wager on cricket while they are on the go or away from home. This means that betting firms should invest in a powerful mobile betting site, or perhaps a cricket betting app, that players can access from anywhere to place bets.

Still, to save your time from searching, betting on cricket online at one of our suggested sports betting companies is the best option. These websites have been scrutinized for their legitimacy, security, odds quality, and ability to process payments quickly.

Where can I get reliable cricket betting Tips?

The Yoyo Club is the best website for getting accurate online cricket betting tips. You will find valuable free cricket betting tips on IPL, Cricket World Cup, T20, BBL, and many other competitions through our website.

Gujarat Titans Vs Punjab Kings , Ipl Match Number 48


Lucknow Super Giants Vs Delhi Capitals , Ipl Match Number 45


Chennai Super Kings Vs Gujarat Lions , Ipl Match Number 29


Mumbai Indians Vs Punjab Kings , Ipl Match 23


Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Delhi Capitals , Ipl Match Number 19


Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Mumbai Indians , Ipl Match Number 14


Rajasthan Royals Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad , Ipl Match Number 5